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Femodene 30 mdg is a type of combined oral contraceptive pill. You take it if you are sexually active, and you do not wish to become pregnant.

Each pill contains a combination of two types of female sex hormones, oestrogen and progestogen, which together prevent pregnancy. You take one pill per day for 21 days, and have a 7-day break with no pills.

If you need emergency contraception, you can order the morning after pill here.

3 month supply £24
6 month supply £34

Prices include delivery and prescription.

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DrEd checks its treatment prices against competitors on a regular basis to ensure it is always competitive. We’re convinced you won’t find the same quality treatment and comparable service for less, but if you do within 14 days of purchase, we’ll refund the difference.  All you need to do is contact us and tell us where you found the cheaper price.

What is Femodene 30 mdg

Femodene 30 mdg is a combined oral contraceptive pill. It is for women who are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant.

How does it work? 

Femodene 30 mdg stops you from getting pregnant in several ways:

  • by preventing ovulation (an egg being released)
  • by thickening the mucous in your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to enter
  • and by stopping the lining of your womb from thickening for an egg to grow in it

Who can take Femodene 30 mdg?

You should only take Femodene 30 mdg if a doctor or nurse has prescribed it to you.

Who shouldn’t take it?

You shouldn’t take Femodene 30 mdg if you:

  • are pregnant
  • are allergic to any of its listed ingredients
  • have or have had a blood clot (such as deep vein thrombosis)
  • have or have had a heart attack, stroke or mini-stroke
  • have severe diabetes, or very high blood pressure
  • get migraines ‘with aura’
  • have a history of breast cancer
  • have a severe liver disease or a liver tumour

Femodene 30 mdg can also interact with certain drugs. It could stop them from working properly, or vice versa. It may be unsuitable for you if you are currently taking:

  • certain medicines used to treat epilepsy
  • certain medicines used to treat HIV and Hepatitis C
  • griseofulvin (anti-fungal medicine)
  • some antibiotics and sedatives
  • St. John’s Wort (herbal remedy)

Consult a nurse or doctor if you’re unsure whether Femodene 30 mdg is suitable for you.

Where can I get Femodene 30 mdg?

Femodene 30 mdg must be prescribed to you by a nurse or doctor. You can get a prescription either in-person, at your local doctor’s surgery or clinic, or online, using a registered health service.

Be careful when buying medicine over the internet, because there are lots of websites selling unlicensed medication. Buying unlicensed medication is illegal and unsafe.

How should I take it?

Always follow the directions for taking medicine given to you by your prescribing doctor.

Femodene 30 mdg comes as a pill, which should be swallowed whole, with or without water. Do not chew or crush the tablet.

How often should I take it?

You should take one Femodene 30 mdg tablet per day, for 21 days in a row. After 21 days, you will have a break period of 7-days, when you take no pills. During these 7 days, you will probably have a ‘withdrawal bleed’, which looks and acts much like a normal period.  On the following day, you will start the first pill of your next strip, and the cycle will begin again. 

Is it better to take Femodene 30 mdg in the morning, noon or evening?

It doesn’t matter which time of day you take your Femodene 30 mdg pill, as long as you take it at around the same time every day. This is so that your hormone levels remain constant, to protect you effectively against pregnancy.

How effective is it?

Femodene 30 mdg is 99% effective in preventing pregnancies when taken correctly. 

Common side effects:

  • nausea
  • headaches
  • weight gain
  • mood swings, anxiety or depression
  • tender breasts
  • low libido (loss of desire for sex)

Rare side effects:

  • blood clots
  • allergic reaction
  • breast or cervical cancer
  • severe liver problems

What should I consider before taking Femodene 30 mdg for the first time?

It’s best to take your first Femodene 30 mdg tablet on the first day of your period. Doing this will mean that you’re protected from pregnancy with your first pill.

Can I switch to Femodene 30 mdg from another contraceptive pill? 

Yes, you can switch to Femodene 30 mdg from another pill.

If you’re switching from a 21-day combined pill, take your first Femodene tablet the next day after your current strip. This will protect you from pregnancy with your first pill. 

If you’re switching from a 28-day combined pill, take your first Femodene tablet the day after your last active pill. You’ll have contraceptive protection from your first pill. 

If you’re switching from a progestogen-only pill (or mini-pill), take your first Femodene tablet on the first day of bleeding, even if it means taking two pills in one day. With most mini-pills, you’ll be protected from pregnancy right away, the exception being if you are taking a mini pill, which contain the progestogens Norethisterone or Levonorgestrel.  In this case you are not protected from pregnancy for the first seven days of taking Femodene, and will need to use extra precautions such as condoms for this first week.  If you are unsure check with your doctor

Does Femodene 30 mdg protect you from STIs?

No, Femodene won’t protect you from getting STIs. The only way to properly protect yourself against STIs is by wearing condoms.  Always use condoms with a new sexual partner, or until you’ve both been tested as clear from STIs.

What should I do if I take a pill late?

If you’re less than 12 hours late with a pill, take your missed pill straight away and continue the next day as normal. Your contraceptive protection will not be reduced. If you forget to take the pill for more than 12 hours, or you’ve missed more than one pill, you may be at risk of pregnancy. Take your most recent missed pill as soon as you remember, even if this means taking two pills in one day. Carry on taking your pills as usual after that for the next 7 days, and if you come to the end of a strip during this time, start your next strip without taking the usual 7-day break.

You should use another type of contraception for the 7 days after missing a pill. If you missed a pill from the first week of your strip (days 1 – 7) and had unprotected sex, you could be pregnant. Take a test, or contact your doctor immediately, because you may need emergency contraception.

What about if I’m sick after taking a pill? 

If you’re sick (vomiting or bad diarrhoea) within 4 hours of taking Femodene 30 mdg, take another pill from a spare strip, and continue the next day as usual.

If you’re sick more than 12 hours after taking Femodene 30 mdg, follow the instructions for a missed pill, and talk to your doctor if it continues. You will not have had the right amount of hormones to protect you from pregnancy, and they may suggest another form of contraception.

Will my periods change while I’m on Femodene 30 mdg?

It’s common for your periods to change while you’re taking Femodene. Some women find that their periods become lighter and less painful, but everyone’s experience will be slightly different.

Can taking Femodene 30 mdg cause blood clots? 

You are at a slightly higher risk of having a blood clot if you take Femodene. However, the risk is still very small.

You should seek urgent medical attention if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms of a blood clot:

  • a painful swelling in one leg (deep vein thrombosis)
  • sudden breathlessness, dizziness, coughing up blood or chest pain (pulmonary embolism)
  • loss or blurring of vision (retinal vein thrombosis)

Don’t take Femodene again until a doctor says that it’s safe for you to do.

Can Femodene 30 mdg be used as a morning-after pill?

No, you can’t use the combined contraceptive pill as a morning-after pill. If you think you need emergency contraception, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Can Femodene 30 mdg improve my acne?

It’s impossible to say whether Femodene will improve your acne. However, this is a side effect in some women who use it.

Will it affect my mood?

Like most contraceptive pills, Femodene 30 mdg can affect your mood. Nervousness, anxiety and depression are all fairly common side effects. If you have a history of mental illness, you should consider this before taking the Pill.

Can I delay my monthly period using Femodene 30 mdg?

You can postpone your monthly bleed by taking your pills ‘back-to-back’. This is when you start a new strip of pills straight away, without taking your usual 7-day break.

This is completely safe to do, but it is usually only recommended to do for three months at a time.

I smoke cigarettes – can I take Femodene 30 mdg?

Yes, you can take the Pill. Smoking won’t make Femodene any more or less effective as a contraceptive.

Can I take Femodene 30 mdg when I am breastfeeding?

Talk to your nurse or doctor if you are breastfeeding and would like to take Femodene 30 mdg. They may recommend that you use an alternative form of contraception.

How soon can I take Femodene 30 mdg after having a baby?

You can usually start taking it 21 days after you’ve had your baby, providing your doctor is happy for you to do so However, you will need to use condoms until you start taking Femodene 30 mdg, and for the first 7 days of taking it.

Will it affect my fertility in the long-term?

Femodene 30 mdg is a completely reversible form of contraception. This means that your body will return to your usual level of fertility just 7 days after you stop taking the pills.

What’s in a Femodene 30 mdg pill? 

The active ingredients in Femodene are synthetic versions of the sex hormones oestrogen and progestogen. These are called as ethinylestradiol (75 micrograms) and gestodene (30 micrograms).

Is there anything else I need to know?

Femodene might affect the results of a blood test or an operation. Talk to your doctor well in advance of any scheduled tests or surgery, because you may need to stop taking it.




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