If you have had unprotected sex or have had intercourse with someone who has an STD, an STD home test can give you peace of mind. We offer free delivery and work with a trusted UK laboratory. We offer the following test kits:

Using a home test kit online is easy - depending on the test you are taking you will need to supply a urine sample or a swab sample (women only). Our HIV test kit is a prick test which requires you to take a tiny blood sample from your finger. Once you have taken your sample you will send it to our partner laboratory - return postage is included. Your results are ready within two days of your sample reaching the lab.

How Do I Use A Home STD Test Kit ?

Anonymous STD Testing

When you buy STD test kits online from UK-regulated pharmacies or online doctors, look for CQC registration or GMC-registered doctors. Your results and the nature of the test you have taken are kept anonymous. You will only find them in your patient record, be it the one you have with the NHS or the one you keep with a private practice such as DrEd, which are both private by law.

In the case of an online clinic, your electronic patient record must be encrypted to ensure privacy protection. For example, at DrEd.com, we use an SSL-encryption which is the standard in banking, for example, when it comes to protecting your data and bank accounts. The only type of protection that is more sophisticated than this is military-grade protection.

Your STI test results are secure, as is all online communication with your online doctor is (via the electronic patient record).

What About The Packaging Of The Home Test Kit ?

To further ensure your privacy, the packaging for any home STD test is completely discreet and non-specific. We make sure it is impossible to tell what is in the parcel without opening it.

We do not send any unexpected invoices to your home or billing address, regardless of where you received your test kit.

Your bills and order information are available online in your electronic patient record. Whenever we need to communicate with you we send you an e-mail saying that there is a message for you in your electronic patient record. You need to log in to your patient record to see your details and messages. Even if other people have access to your email account, they won't be able to log in to your patient record (unless you give them the password).

Do I Have An STD ? What Do You Check For ?

We can test for many different types of STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mycoplasma, trichomonas (the trich), ureaplasma and HIV.

People often decide to get tested for sexually transmitted infections for the following reasons:

a)    You have STI symptoms 

b)    You don’t have symptoms, but you know you may be at risk: e.g. you had unprotected sex with a new partner or a partner who could be infected

c)    You’re just having a regular check-up (e.g. every year), because you know you’re part of the population at risk: sexually active, in your 20s, with more than one sexual partner per year.

Pregnant women are advised to take a test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea during pregnancy. Screening for more serious STDs such as HIV is also highly recommended if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

We also offer free photo assessments for people suffering from genital warts or genital herpes. You can visit our sexual health clinic for a better overview of the test & treatment services we offer.

Advantages Of Ordering A Home STD Test

The most obvious advantage of ordering a home STD test kit online is that you avoid the embarrassment of facing a doctor or health care provider and the related set of questions you have to answer every time.

There are other documented issues when dealing with sexual health, such as communication issues with patients who aren’t comfortable with talking about their symptoms face-to-face.

However, if your symptoms or specific problems require face-to-face medical attention you should seek help at a local gum clinic immediately. 

Prevention & Treatment

If your anonymous STD testing results come back positive, there is no need to panic. Most STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and even syphilis are easy to cure with a single dose antibiotic. The important thing is to get treated as early as possible, even though it can take many years before an infection spreads and causes serious damage to your body.

Make sure you follow your prescription treatment to the letter, to completely get rid of your infection and avoid transmitting it while you’re being treated. For instance, if your home STD test came back positive for chlamydia, you must not have sex for a full week after taking your antibiotic. This is very important as you are still contagious for a few days following the treatment. You could then infect your partner, who could reinfect you in turn.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea or herpes you will be able to order your treatment online. One of our online doctors will review your order and approve appropriate treatment.

If you test positive for any other STI you will need to visit your GP or GUM clinic to get treated.

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