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Norinyl-1 is different from many other types of the Pill out there because you can choose between 2 different dosages of oestrogen. This means you can go for a low dose if you are worried about side effects, or a high dose if you’re worried about problems like PMS.

If you are already taking Norinyl-1 you can reorder your Pill using our online doctor service. Your online doctor will review your order and approve your Pill if it’s right for you.

3 month course £19
6 month course £24

Prices include prescription and delivery.

What is Norinyl-1?


  • is a monophasic, combined oral contraceptive pill (‘the Pill’) that is used by women who are having sex but do not want to get pregnant.

  • it contains a man-made form of oestrogen called mestranol.

  • it also contains norethisterone, a man-made version of another hormone progesterone.

  • it was invented in 1996 and so has been around for many years.

  • it is under patent from Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company.

  • it is available in different strengths which contain different types of synthetic oestrogens.

In order to decide which is best for you, your doctor will need to ask some questions about your health, lifestyle and family history and do some routine examinations like blood pressure. This will help to decide if Norinyl-1 is suitable for you and if so to also help decide on the correct dosage.

What are the different types of Norinyl?

The main differences between the different types of Norinyl-1 is the amount of synthetic oestrogen they contain.

Type of Norinyl-1

Norinyl-1 +35

Norinyl-1 +50


1mg norethisterone 1mg norethisterone


35µg ethinyl estradiol 50µg ethinyl estradiol

Other ingredients

41.47mg lactose 41.47mg lactose

Risk of side effects

Lower than +50 Higher than +35

Period-related benefits

Weaker than +50 Stronger than +35

How does Norinyl-1 compare to other brands of birth control?

Like most forms of oral contraception, with Norinyl-1 is around 99% effective against pregnancy whereas barrier methods such as condoms are around 95% effective with perfect use.

Other methods such as the calendar or the “rhythm method” where working out when you’re likely to be ovulating and avoiding sexual intercourse during that time tend to be less effective, especially when you have you have irregular periods.

It is important to remember that oral contraception does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HIV. Only condoms (male and female) can help to protect against these as well as pregnancy.

How will Norinyl-1 affect me?

It is common to feel a little nauseated at first when starting Norinyl-1 and some women experience some weight gain and breast tenderness but these usually improve as your body adjusts to taking the medication.

A small number of women have raised blood pressure when taking Norinyl. You may not feel any symptoms of this so it’s important to get regular check-ups with your doctor to monitor your blood pressure.

There is an important know the relationship that COCPs have to some cancers. The chances of developing certain cancers (ovarian and endometrial) are reduced by regularly taking COCPs and others such as some forms of breast cancer are slightly increased. It is important to remember too though that the incidence of breast cancer increases naturally in women as they grow older. If you have questions or concerns over the cancer benefits and risks of taking COCPs then you should discuss this with your doctor.

Here is a table of the more common side-effects and how to manage them:

Side effect

What to do

When to see a doctor

Breast tenderness

Reduce caffeine intake, wear a support bra Persistent or severe pain, any breast lumps

Vaginal spotting

This usually clears up within the first three months 5 days or more / 3 days of heavy bleeding. Or if light spotting doesn’t resolve within 3 months
Headaches See your doctor if severe, otherwise take pain relief as usual


Taking it with food or at night may help If persistent or severe.

Weight gain

Often due to fluid retention rather than fat gain and usually improves with time. If concerned.

Mood changes

May be due to many factors but see your doctor if concerned

Decreased libido

May be due to many factors. See your doctor if concerned or if it lasts a long time

Vaginal discharge

If dryness is a problem, see your pharmacist about lubricating gels If discharge is foul smelling or you are concerned, see your doctor to rule out a sexually transmitted disease.

Is Norinyl-1 suitable for me?

Yes, if it is prescribed to you by your doctor. However, it is not suitable for people with following conditions:

  • Allergy, intolerance or hypersensitivity to any of the active substances or ingredients in Norinyl-1 (N.B. may be unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance).

  • A history of blood clots (thrombosis) either yourself or in your family.

  • Thrombophlebitis, problems with the blood supply to the brain (“cerebrovascular disorders”), current heart problems or a history of these.

  • Liver problems.

  • A history of certain problems during pregnancy such as jaundice (turning yellow), severe itching or certain other skin conditions.

  • Existing or suspected cancer of the breast or genitals or other oestrogen-dependent cancer.

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding.

  • A history of migraines.

  • Pregnancy.

Norinyl-1 is not suitable for people taking the following drugs / herbal remedies:

  • St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) may reduce the effectiveness of Norinyl-1 leading to an increased risk of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Some prescription drugs may also have a similar effect. These include certain sedatives, antibiotics, some drugs which are used to treat HIV and hepatitis, anti-epileptics and some anti-arthritic (heart) drugs.

  • If in doubt then discuss this with your doctor who may advise using extra forms of contraception (e.g. condoms) during the time that you’re taking any of these medications, or switching to a more suitable form of contraception.

  • If your doctor is testing you for certain conditions such as high cholesterol/lipids/triglycerides or thyroid, liver or clotting problems then it is important to remember that sometimes the results of these tests may be affected by taking a medication containing oestrogen.

What if my Norinyl-1 doesn’t work?

Norinyl-1 is a 99% effective contraceptive when used properly, but if you forget to use it or it gets removed from your body your risk of pregnancy will go up.

What if I miss a pill/throw up/have diarrhoea?

  • If you miss a pill by less than 12 hours then take one as soon as you remember and carry on with the next dose as normal. This may mean taking two pills close together which is fine.

  • If you miss a pill by more than 12 hours do as above but ALSO use a condom or abstain from vaginal intercourse for at least the next 7 days.

  • If the tablet/s that you’ve missed are in the last 7 days of the current pack, then start new pack and go without your normal 7 day tablet free time.

  • If you vomit or have diarrhoea whilst taking Norinyl carry on taking Norinyl but ALSO either abstain from vaginal intercourse or use a condom during the period of time you are unwell AND for 7 days afterwards.

How to practice good pill taking technique:

  • Treat your oral contraception pill like the medication it is and take it at the same time of day, every day.

  • Oral contraception tablets come with a calendar printed on the foil side. Use it to keep track of when the last day you took the pill.

What to do if you think you’re pregnant:

  • There are home pregnancy test kits available from your pharmacy if you want to check if you are pregnant.

  • If a pregnancy test is negative but you are still concerned you may be pregnant, repeat this test in 3 weeks time.

  • If you have had unprotected sex and you do not wish to become pregnant then there is an option called the “morning after pill” but this is only effective within 72 hrs or 120 hrs of intercourse (depending on which one you take) and it is more effective the sooner it is taken.

  • The morning after pill is available from your GP, sexual health clinics or some pharmacies or reputable online health providers. The other option in this instance is to have the contraceptive coil fitted (a type of intrauterine contraception) as emergency contraception, this can be done at most sexual health clinics.

  • If you miss this time window then make an appointment to see you doctor as soon as you can to discuss other options about either abortion or carrying the pregnancy through to term. This may be a very difficult and stressful time so remember that certain charitable organisations exist to help give you the important information you may need e.g.


Behilovic B, Rowan AJ. A comparative study of Norinyl 1/35 versus Norinyl 1/50 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Contraception, Nov; 36(5): 515-26.

Electronic Medicines Compendium (2016). Millinette 20: Patient Information Leaflet. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 23rd October 2017].

If you have a question about this service, please email with the question, and one of our doctors will get back to you within 24 hours.

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