About DrEd

Our online doctor service enables you to obtain medical treatments and tests for specific conditions without needing to visit a doctor in person. DrEd aims to provide a safe and responsible way for people to look after themselves - real doctors, prescribing real medicines, using your computer, phone or tablet - just choose a way you find most suitable. DrEd provides remote medical consultations and, if patients are suitable, issues private prescriptions.

Real, approachable doctors

Our doctors are experienced GPs, GMC registered and London-based. Our prescriptions are dispensed by Day Lewis, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK.

Safe, responsible consultations

Our online doctor consultations are based on guidelines which have been developed according to clinical best practice. Where in doubt we will refer you to a GP or consultant for a face-to-face consultation.

Plain, simple language

We prefer to speak directly and openly. Yes, we will be regulated to provide everything in legalese, but that will not prevent us from also saying it clearly.

Really convenient, anytime, anywhere

Things happen, and when they do, you need to speak to a doctor. We know that you will contact us only when you need advice. So let us talk. Message, phone, email, soon Skype™ and chat. You will be able to communicate with an online doctor quickly.

Manage your health – without the pain

You select the service in which you are interested.

Get in touch whenever it suits you

You provide us with the information we need about your health at a time of your choosing, without having to make an appointment.

Know that we respond fast and securely

We look at your information within a few hours and, if you are suitable, prescribe a treatment. We will communicate securely with you via your electronic patient record.

You receive your treatment quickly

You obtain your test or treatment conveniently by post, to an address of your choice. If we review your suitability by 4pm we will aim for delivery the next working day.