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If you are concerned about a skin problem in or around your genital area, use our photo assessment service to get a diagnosis from one of our London-based doctors.

Simply complete a short questionnaire and upload two good quality photos of the affected area, and our doctors will give you a diagnosis and advice on treatment via secure communication.

For certain conditions our doctors may be able to prescribe and send you treatment by post.

  • Genuine medication from GMC registered doctors
  • Free Delivery
Service Price
Photo Assessment £4.99
Genital warts treatments from £34.99
Herpes treatments from £19.99
Fungal rash treatments from £19.99

What can I use the photo assessment for?

The DrEd photo assessment is designed for patients who are experiencing skin lesions or a rash in the genital area. If you have noticed symptoms and are worried you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, our photo assessment allows you to get an accurate diagnosis without having to visit your GP. Our doctor will be able to tell you whether you have genital warts, herpes or a fungal rash. Once the cause of your rash has been established, you will be able to purchase a treatment from us.

How can I upload my pictures?

In order to use the photo assessment, you will need to fill in a brief questionnaire and tell us about your symptoms. At the end of this questionnaire, you will be requested to upload two pictures showing the skin area which is worrying you. Please click on the “choose files” button to upload images from your computer. Ideally one photo should show a close-up of your skin problem and the other should be taken from further away. Please make sure that the rash or skin problem is clearly visible on the photos, as our doctor will base your diagnosis on the visual evidence you supply.

What happens with my photo once I have uploaded it?

Our doctor will look at your images as soon as possible. If you submit your photos during office hours, you may receive a reply on the same day, depending on which time of day you take the assessment. DrEd is closed over the weekend, so if you submit your images on a Saturday or Sunday you will receive your diagnosis on the following Monday.

Who will see my photo?

The only person who will see the images you upload is our doctor. We respect our patients privacy and provide a confidential service. We will not mention any medical information or details in our emails but will send you a message asking you to login to your patient record on our website to read your diagnosis. We will not share your information without your consent. If you choose to request a treatment from us, you will receive your medication in a plain envelope.

If you have a question about this service, please email info@dred.com with the question, and one of our doctors will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • Genuine medication from GMC registered doctors
  • Free Delivery